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(be) all for it, for doing sth - to be very much in favour of something
(be) at work (on sth) - in the process of doing or making something
(be) fully equipped - provided with the things you need for a particular purpose
(be) prone to sth - be likely to do sth or be affected by sth, especially sth bad
(bump into sth)-
(filled/full) to capacity- completely full
(get) grounding (in) - basicknowledge of a subject
(go for / be out for / take) a stroll- a slow walk for pleasure
(have) a nervous breakdown- a mental condition in which you are so upset or unhappy that you cannot look after yourself
(teach) the rudiments (of sth) - basic skills, or the simple facts about a subject
(thank) profusely (138)
(to study) at close hand – at close quarters/range - from a very short distanceaway
a flavour (of sth)- a particular quality that is typical of something
a host of - a lot of
a trial- someone who causes problems or is annoying
act on sb’s  instructions, (advice, suggestion, information etc)- to do what has been advised or suggested
adapt to- to change your ideas or behavior so that you can deal with a new situation
affect sth, be affected by - to change or influencesomething; to have a strong effect on someone’s emotions
allergic (to)- affected by  an allergy; (humorous) not liking something at all
an account of sth- a detailed description of how or why sth happens
an attempt on sb’s life- an attack on someone that is intended to kill them
apparently- based only on what you have heard, not on what you are certain is true
arrange sth - make plans for sth tohappen, for example by agreeing a time and place
as a special treat- as something special you do or buy for yourself or someone else
at your disposal- available for you to use at any time
be a credit to sb - sb should be proud of you
be difficult to handle - be difficult to control
be on your best behaviour - to behave very well, usually because you want to please someone
be out of thequestion - used for saying that sth is definitely not a possibility
be partial to (sb / sth)- mainly spoken) to like someone or something
be smeared with sth- if something smears something else, it leaves a soft or liquid substance spread on the surface in an untidy way
bedside manner - the way in which a doctor behaves towards a person in their care
begrudge sb sth- to feel annoyed becausesomebody has got something that you want, and you think they do not deserve it
bloated (adj)- having an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach after eating or drinking too much
blow/ clear away the cobwebs - to make you feel more lively and think more clearly
brain-wave (n) - a sudden very good idea
break cover - to come out from a shelter
break the news - to tell someone about something bad
bumpinto (sb)-to meet smn unexpectedly; to accidentally hit against something
by sb’s standards - used for purposes of comparison with the help of an accepted measure or on a particular level
capture the essence (of sth)- to express what someone or something is really like in a way that people can clearly recognize
carry( take) sth to extremes - to do something much more than is usual or reasonablecome/draw to a halt - stop moving, or stop a person or vehicle from moving and not continue it at all or for some time
commemorate the occasion - to show that you remember an important event by having a special ceremony, or creating a special object
commit yourself –agree to do smth important
conduct  sth- to do something in an organized way (usu used in formal situations)
conjure up - tobring something such as a feeling or memory to your mind
conspire with sb in doing sth (to do sth)- to secretly plan with someone to do something bad or illegal
contribute sth to sth - be part of an activity and help it to be successful 
cram on one’s brakes (slam on/hit the brakes) - to stop suddenly
cripple- to make someone physically disabled, especially unable to walk
dedicate sth ( a...
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