Franz ferdinand

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Born: 1863 
Birthplace: Graz, Austria 
Died: 28 June 1914 (assassination) 
Best Known As: The Man Whose killing sparked WWI 
Name at birth: Franz Ferdinand Karl LudwigJosef von Habsburg-Lothringen 

Whatever else I may have done in life, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is known now as the man whose assassination touched off World War I. The nephew of the Hapsburg emperorFranz Josef, Ferdinand was first in line to the Austro-Hungarian throne when he visited Sarajevo in June of 1914. He and his wife Sophie were shot to death as they rode through the city in a motorcadeon 28 June; the assassin was Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Serbian nationalist group known as the Black Hand. The shooting led to war between Austria and Serbia, Which escalated into World War I. His name is sometimes translated to Spanish as Francis Ferdinand ... The Hapsburgs are also known as the Habsburgs. 


On 28 June 1914, approximately eleven am, Franz Ferdinand and hiswife were assassinated in Sarajevo, capital of the Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia-Herzegovina, by Gavrilo Princip, Serbian extremist and one of several murderers controlled by black hand, Serbianterrorist group. The event, known as the assassination in Sarajevo, was one of the triggers of the First World War. 
Very little known habit of wearing his clothes always impeccably ironed andbuttoned, so much so took this penchant for neatness which made sewing clothes for the fashion shows or parades, to prevent the flaps were opened to the wind. The day of the attack the wearing coat is sewnprevented could assist in time, covering his gunshot wound or stopping the flow of blood with a simple handkerchief, which caused heavy bleeding and subsequent death. 
Franz Ferdinand was buried withhis wife Sofia in Artstetten Castle, in the halls of Vienna (Austria). 
Franz Ferdinand (1863-1914) was born in Graz, Austria.  As the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire his assassination...
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