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* What can I do for you?
* Hello! I'm looking for a pair of jeans and a shirt,
* my friend wants to try on a cute dress.
* It's for a party, but we need to keep it informal.
Well, let me see what I can show you girls.
* Follow me. (...)
For you I have some dresses.. hanging there;
* take the ones you like and tell me so you can try them on.
* And for you . Let mesee...What's your size?
I think I am a 38... And, if it's possible, I'd like a dark jean.
Great, you can try these on.
* Well, I like these 2... not this one... I like this other one.
* I'll try this, this and this.
* And what about the shirt? Can you show me a white shirt?
Sure, I have a beautiful white shirt that arrived just yesterday! Let's see... here it is, isn't itbeautiful?
Well.. I really don't like these dark details...
Oh then I have this one, it's plain white. Look.
Oh I like this one. I'll try the jeans and this shirt.
Do you like any of the dresses?
Yes, I've picked 3 already. I'll finish looking and I'll try them on.
Fantastic! I chose this flowered dress. How much is it?
Beautiful! It's $100.
Fine, I'll take it.
Girl 1 (Julie): I lovethis jean, and the shirt looks really nice, I think I'll take it all. How much is it?
Well, the jean is $100 and the shirt is $50.
Can I pay with a credit card?: Of course

Vendedor: How can I help you?
Persona 1: I look for a shirt
Vendedor: In what size?
Persona 1: In size (ahi inventale)
Vendedor: And color?
Persona 1: Red please
Vendedor: And you?
Persona 2: I look for a shoesVendedor: In what size?
Persona 2: size 27
Vendedor: Anything else?
Persona 1 y 2: No Thanks. How much is for all?
Vendedor: That´s $200 USD

Do you have this in my size? That's too expensive. .. cheap .. I'm not interested.. Can I have a bag?.BOLSA… pain relieverANALGESICO.. toothbrush. toothpaste.

1Cómo hago para llegar a la Aerolínea X?" (Where is the X air lines counter? = Wéar isda X éar lains cáunter?). |
2"¿A qué hora sale el próximo vuelo a ...? (What time does the next flight to ... leave? = Wót táim das de nékst fláit tu... lív?). |
3 (How much is a ticket to x... in tourist class / first class / business class? = Jáu mách is a tíket tu X in tuárist clás / férst clas / bíznis clas?). |
4: "Me gustaría sentarme en la ventanilla / en el pasillo / al medio."(I want a window / aisle / middle seat = Ai wónt a wíndou / áil / mídel sít.). |
5Dónde debo presentarme para reclamar por mi equipaje perdido?" (Where is the Lost Baggage office? = Wéar is da lóst báguish ófis?). |
6"¿Sabe dónde puedo cambiar plata?" (Where can I exchange money? = Wéar kan ai ikschéinsh máni?). |
7: "¿Dónde puedo alquilar un auto? ¿Cuáles son los requisitos?" (Where can Irent a car? What do I need? = Wéar kan ai rént a cár? Wót du ai níd?). |
8Dónde queda la confitería?" "¿Hay wi-fi dentro de ella?" (Where is the coffee shop? Does it have wi-fi? = Wéar is da cófi shóp? Das it jáv wái fái?). |
9"¿Me podría dar un mapa, por favor?" (Could you give me a map, please? = Kud iu gív mi a máp, plís?). 100 one hundred (uan JUN-dred1000 one thousand1,000,000 onemillion |
Good morning
Buenos días (Gud MOR-ning)
Good afternoon / Good evening
Buenas tardes (Gud af-ter-NUN)
Good evening (de llegar) / Good night (de salir)
Buenas noches
Is there someone here who speaks Spanish? 

How much is a ticket to _____? One ticket to _____, pleaseWhere does this train/bus go? Where is the train/bus to _____? Does this train/bus stop in _____? When doesthe train/bus for _____ leave? (uando parte asia ..?) When will this train/bus arrive in _____? How do I get to _____ ? (omo puedo llegar a.. ?) ...the bus station? Train station , downtown..(sentro) ...the _____ hotel? Where are there a lot of... Where is this train/bus going to?A DONDE COGE ESTE BUS ? How much does it cost to get toCUANTO CUESTA LLEGAR A.. ?

Turn left. ,, gire a la izq
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