Frases y pensamientos gran intelecto

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COLECCIÓN DE PENSAMIENTOS Y FRASES DEL GRAN INTELECTO …con algunas anotaciones por G.Antuan *idioma: mayormente en español
COLLECTION OF THOUGHTS AND SAYINGS FROM THOSE OF GREAT INTELLECT …with some notes by G.Antuan *language: mostly spanish


“Cuando todo el mundo está loco, estar cuerdo es unalocura. “
Paul Anthony Samuelson - economista estadounidense, nacido en Gary, Indiana, de ascendencia judía, el 15 de mayo de 1915. Obtuvo el Premio Nobel de Economía en 1970 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“And I shall attempt the impossible, or at least the improbable!” Arthur Benjamin – From Ted Talk: “Mathemagic”----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“The mathematical beauty is the summit of the beauty of reason.” “I have never belonged to any group. I have my own war to fight.” “Reflection is my religion” “He is a mortal in flesh but a godhood in spirit.” “Michelangelo’s architecture, sculpture, painting and urban planning are perfectly integrated. Leonardo da Vinci is a greatfantasist obsessed with accurate sciences.” “Craftsmanship is a quality that any artist must have.” “The system of craftsmen and that of intellectuals are always closely connected. Craftsmanship is a quality that any artist must have. This apparently neglected aesthetic form is actually very much alive in our times. It is hardly noticeable because its practitioners consist of designers and architects buthardly painters.” “When we come to spirituality through the expression of artistic language, many details […], for instance, the instruments that were used or the anecdotes would interfere our appreciation of the picture. So I thought I had to explore the spirituality of the images.”

“Science and globalization of economy have brought various nations of the world more similar cities, similarbuildings, similar faces and similar symbol systems. I have been trying every means to break away from this boring, uninteresting in speed and efficiency and this world of gradually “equal quality”.” “It is because there is an “other” in front of you that helps you find your own place. I mean the comparison between nations. Man is actually born with an instinct to compare. Some spirits are derivedfrom comparisons. The sense of shame can make a man grow stronger in a short time. Behind the national issues there is a spiritual war. The war may be invisible to us but exists everywhere.” G.Antuan comment: Anyone, like Mr.Fei, who develops his reflections with the powerful freedom to view events ‘at different speeds’, slowing or speeding up events, enabling a sort of time travel or deep timecomprehension and correlation, is then able to extract such wisdom and underlying truth’s about human issues and conditions. I very much agree and share Mr. Fei’s thoughts. A more common example of a person that exhibited such profound thoughts and capability was Charles Darwin. When Wang was asked what is the most important thing for an artist he responded: “The spiritual pains, confusions, and alifelong journey for salvation. I think this is a most real state. This has nothing to do with your material wealth. You have to speak out the truth, and you must have something to say.” When Wang was asked if he could choose his career over again what would he choose, he responded: “Maybe I would choose a writing job. But fast-paced, exhausted modern people may lack the proper mood to savor thewords slowly. So I would still choose painting, as pictures are more direct. Wang Fei (Oct. 24, 1978 Born in Shanghai, P.R. China) – Contemporary Chinese artist/painter. He is an artist that attempts to reconstruct the national spiritual

totems through symbolism. All his image resources and esoteric imagination are related to the history seven hundred years ago when China suffered from no...
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