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My mom is going to bake a muffin
My sister is going to buy a doll
My brother is going to play soccer
I`m going to read the magazinesI`m going to swim in the pool
I'm going to buy a new car
I'm going to work on Saturday
My father is going to buy me a little dog
My sisteris going to have a baby
My wife is going to prepare dinner for all
I'm going to study English
I'm going to get married
She is going totake a shower
He is going to the cinema
They are going to watch TV

He does his homework in his room
Does she like pizza?
I don'tknow what to do
Do you often go to his house?
I do my homework.
She does a important homework.
Do you do your homework every day?
Doesyour sister likes to study English as a second language?
Do you love me ?
Does she love you ?
Do you play tennis on Saturdays?
Does shelike swimming?
I do many things.
We do many pictures.
He does good his job

i talked to him one minute ago
i was a good student
Iwas Born in new york.
I won the lottery last year
I went to the library last night
My sister told me that she was pregnant
we bought somepresents.
My parents didn't arrive to home.
He ran very fast.
He should stayed at home.
We didn't know what to do.
Yesterday was a verynice day
My friend said that's not true
I was watching my favorite TV show.
You went to Paris with a friend.
He was cooking dinner.
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