Fray julio tobon b

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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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Historical Review

"Blessed are those who build roads wherever they go others"

Flipping through the pages of history and a journey through the wonderful journey that is far from the dawn of the twentieth century to the twenty-first, surprise and gratitude emerge in the soul, and a hymn of thanksgiving springs from the deep recesses of the heart,
God in the first instance, generator of allgood, big and beautiful and hold on the difficulties and vicissitudes through which it has had to spend the July school Fray Tobón B, during the first century of existence, during which they have given birth to illustrious men and women sprouted from the very heart of the education faculty, who have brought glory to the country and have done great this planet earth.
Great unsuccessful attemptskicked off this great work from the evening of the nineteenth century, where parents, priests, educators and the general community, dreamed of having an educational center to house in their midst the youth to quench in him thirst for knowledge and pursuit of wisdom. There was an arid desert to cross with all the elements of the road, but without fail, where the pioneering history shows us is DonLino J. Acevedo Zuluaga. Behind him the figure of a priest, always representing the church in a tough and tenacious quest to achieve its mission. A long journey that extends from 1874 to 1910, attempts were eclipsed and was reborn.

Again, the church stands calls for persistent and parents and community to the founding of a school for boys. On 6 February the same year Don Rufino Gomezdel Santuario, starts as president, with 35 students. The school administration was in charge of the parish priest, the mayor, a representative of the public education department, a parent and a student.
On August 4 this year is received the legal status of the school signed by Marco Fidel Suarez, president of the republic. From this date, despite the difficulties, the institute'shistory does not tell anything in particular, where it appears that he worked in the midst of the storms that threatened to sink the boat, but the insistence of these great men, teachers , parents and priests, but above all faith in the Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother under the title of Help of the said forces them not to give up.
It gives the school's operating license according toresolution No. 3871 of 12 September this year, the Ministry of Education, requested by Father Ramirez Ramón Arcila.
Resolution approving the first study by the Ministry of Education, which recognizes that research are eligible.
Celebrating the golden jubilee of the College for Boys, for 16 to 19 November. On the same date is assigned to the school on behalf of School for Boys OurLady of Mount Caramel.

Until this year the parish said the school committing their scarce resources in order to insure a quality education for all Carmelite, for this reason is given a new name to the school: HIGH SCHOOL OUR LADY OF INTEGRATED DEPARTMENTAL CARMEN, according to Ordinance No. 31 4 December of that year, which it departmentalize. It was led and managed by a group ofCarmelite civic leaders, who included Fr July Betancur Tobon and J. Lino Acevedo Gómez. His life began with the departmental school year March 6, 1966, with 153 students in 4 groups of high school, starting the year with three teachers and ending with 7.
The school moved to the headquarters where he currently works.
On 29 November this year the first graduating the first class ofgraduates, as the secondary study in the town until the 60s, had only until fourth grade, ninth today. Those who wished to finish high school before this time should be moved to the city of Medellin and the San José de Marinilla.
Die Fra July Tobón B., and in his honor, the governor Arismendy Octavio Posada, in April this year declared the school, "INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENTAL MEDIA...
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