Freedom needs limits

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  • Publicado : 6 de noviembre de 2011
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1.- "Freedom" is the state in which we naturally exist without restrictions. "Liberty" is the condition of being we get when we reserve thosenatural freedoms.
2 Liberty is political and perhaps also economic. Freedom is psychological, even existential.
Being freedom a psychological or existential condition, it is of anindividual nature. Being liberty of a social nature, it has its limits in the laws and customs that the individual components of society agree to give to themselves as a collective. Liberty then is theindividual space of will and action in society limited by the spaces of will and action of his co-socials.
An ideal Robinson could have freedom, never liberty.
Therefore, literally, freedom, in itsindividual reality, may or may not have limits. It depends on the individual religious, ethical, esthetic, or simply behavioral values.
An ideal Robinson could do precisely as he would wish, withoutmore limits than the physical or the biological ones. He cannot levitate by himself nor make another hand grow from his nose. Otherwise he is totally free. So philosophically speaking, freedom may haveno limits.
Liberty, on the contrary, exists because it has limits. Liberty without limits means chaos, where society cannot exist. Liberty exists only in society. The individuals of that society mayenjoy liberty, because they have given themselves the capacity of using it up to the limit where the other individuals of such society may use their own liberties There is therefore no possibilityof limitless liberty. My liberty is limited by the liberty of others, and by the means to use it, economically, socially or politically
A necessary question therefore is if individualfreedom has to have limits in society. The answer is yes, as a necessary element of living in society. As man is by definition a social entity, so, practically, there is no human freedom without the...
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