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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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Freedom Writers

This movie is about a woman called Ms. Erin that began to work in a school. When she starts the first day, she realizes that she has the worst group with all the badstudents like the Latinos, and the black students. Also she realizes that the group is divided in gangs and that they are in an undeclared war. She makes an effort for her students, and she begins to try toempathize with the situation of her students. Ms. Erin buys them books with stories as like they are passing through. Then she gives them notebooks to write their own experiences. This action makesthat the students feel that someone cares about them and is when they start to change their way of thinking. Other thing that makes them change is when they read "The Diary of Anne Frank" and meet thepeople that survived in the Holocaust. All the students have a lot of problems like Gloria that is the most problematic, is in dilemma that her boyfriend kills a guy and she has to testify in his favorbecause they are from the Mexican gang. But thanks to Ms. Erin, Gloria does the right thing and testifies against his boyfriend.

I think that if all teachers were like Mrs. Erin this worldwould be different. Because she teaches along the movie sometimes our life mission arrives accident like happened to her. Also teaches that doing what we love can help many people and perhaps we couldthink that it does not help but as said Mother Teresa “ourselves feel that all our effort is like a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less Because Of That missing drop". I also think thatsometimes we locked ourselves in our world and we do not see the need and the violence there, not only in our city but around the world, and we do nothing to change it. This movie makes us think about theproblems others have and that we have to care about the community to be a better city and a better country because this country has a very high level of violence and that is something we must...
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