Freedom writters

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Are dealing with many young people who are very involved in gangs and do not see a clear departure from them. The teacher Erin Wilson comes to school with manyexpectations and was advised of what their students were and then she took the challenge.
At first the teacher was the subject ofmockery and disrespect because she wanted to teach, but she did not know what happened to the youth off the streets, she decided to make a change they did many thingsto enter into life of youth through dynamic etc.
The teacher saw that he could make a change was about accepting more responsibility on the boys since she was hopeful that they could become something more inlife than what they said on the street or follow the evolution of their parents or the gangs.
The teacher got different jobs to pay for tripsto the young and dinner, and even went to talk to someone higher rank for which the excursion authorized officials. Given already AUTHORIZATION she was ready to take the "museum of tolerance" andrealize there could be young people that what they lived on the streets; they had youngchildren who had experienced worse things because of the "Holocaust.”
Young ashe passed the time was understood that gangs were not for them, so much so that a young woman named Eva Benitez testified discovers their gang.Although she knew very well that the price of his treachery would be expensive it you did the right thing.
Finally the story ends when the teacher Erin would stay with them 2 moreyears and all students of Room 203 went to college and the teacher according to some of his students was to teach at the University of Long Beach
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