French revolution

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French Revolution
-Started in France
-King: Louis XVI married with Marie Antoinette
-American Revolution:
---spend a lot of money on the american revolution.---no money, bad harvest.
3 Estates:
-1 clergy
-2 nobles
-3 everyone else. ( teachers, lawyers, doctors)
injustice in this estates because only the 3 estate pay taxes.
1 and 2: 300 votes and 3estate 600 votes.

1 call for meeting
-The King (Louis) wanted more money from the 3rd estate. But the 3rd estate said NO.
-National Assembly: 3 estate they said they needed a new constitution.-The National Assembly could not gather at Versailles because the door closed, so they went to the tennis court until they finished the new constitution.

Bastille (a prision)
-900 ordinary peoplefrom Paris went there and fought against the King´s troops.
-King´s troops (third estate) went with the ordinary people because they were with their ideas.
-National Assembly made the Declaration ofrights of Man and citizens. In this declaration all was based in the American Revolutions ideas so human rights like freedom of speech, social equality
-You are going to be in the government becauseyou are capable to do the work they voted for them based on talents. (declaration..)

King in Versailles
-Women came to Versailles and tell the king that he had to go to Paris and help peoplebecause they were starving, the King went to Paris and gave only little food from his palace.
-He was scared from the declaration of rights.

National Assembly
-Need money.
-They were starving-Asked the church to give them territories and money

New Constitution (made by the national assembly)
-Men 25 year old with social status could vote and pay taxes.
-Only people who paid taxes couldvote.
-.-Sans-culottes: they said everyone should vote not only the people who paid taxes. Went with the national assembly and fought their opinions.
-Everyone crazy, everyone wanted different...
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