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Tareas 3 y 4

Inglés IV


Marialin Lacourt

CI: 19.128.548

Tarea 3

1- If the weather were nice, we would have gone swimming
2- My family would have gone to the zoo if the weather had been nice yesterday.

3- If I bought a lottery ticket, I could havewon the lottery.
4- My brother would have driven to school if he had gas in his car
5- My mom would have baked a cake if she had enough flour and sugar.


6- My brother couldn't have driven to school if he wouldn’t got his car fixed.

7- If it wouldn’t snowed, last night, we couldn't have gone skiing today.

8- My dad couldn't have washedhis car if today weren’t Saturday

9- If we wouldn’t had to go to work, we could have slept all day.

10- We wouldn't have learned anything if we didn’t do our homework.

Part II Complete en el espacio en blanco en presente imaginario.

1. If you Didn’t study (not study), you could fail (fail) the test.
2. We Could die (die) if we wouldn’t got (not get) help soon!
3. If you Looked(look) in the fridge, you would find (find) some cold drinks.
4. If there were (be) no oil in the engine, the car would break (break) down.
5. I might lend (lend) you my umbrella if you needed it (need) it.
6. The sea level could rise (rise) if the planet got (get) hotter.
7. If you ate (eat) your sandwiches now, you wouldn’t have (not have) anything for lunch!
8. You would be (be) safe in anaccident if you weared (wear) your seatbelt.
9. If he saved (save) all his money, he would be able to go (be able to go) on holiday to Canada.
10. I brought (not come) with you if you would not came (not bring) John!

Part III. Complete con el Pasado Imaginario.
Utilice la palabra entre paréntesis y complete la oración.

1- If I (have) Had enough money, I (backpack) could have backpackaround Europe. But, unfortunately, I am broke

2- If I (have) had had enough money in my twenties, I (backpack) would have done backpack around Europe. But, unfortunately, I was broke.

Principio del formulario
3. She would have been here earlier if she (miss, not) hadn’t missed the train.
4. Thank you for helping me study. If you hadn't tutored me, I (fail) would have failed thetest.
5. If I exercised more, I (be) would have been much more fit and I (have, not) wouldn’t have so many health problems.
6. It's too bad Frank isn't with us. If he (be) would have been here, he (can, translate) could have translated the letter for us.





Stop asking me what Joe bought you for your birthday. Even if I (know) would knew what hebought you, I (tell, not) wouldn’t tell you.

8. My business trip to California was only two days. If the trip (be) would have been longer longer, I (visit) could have visited my friends in Los Angeles.

9. I'm sorry; I didn't know you were allergic to chocolate. If I (know) would know, I (make) I would maked you a vanilla birthday cake.

10. Did you hear thatMargaret won $2,000 in Las Vegas, and she used the money to buy a new washing machine and dryer? How boring! If I (win) would have won that much money, I (go) would have go to Tahiti for a couple of weeks.


Dado el siguiente párrafo Traduzca al español y responda los ejercicios que están al final de la lectura.
In the social sciences, theories won't get usvery far. Instead, we should look at the economic systems, e.g., USSR, CPR, Egypt, Great Britain, and the thousands of small communist and anarchist utopias around the world throughout history.

There we will find that all communist economies eventually floundered because of lack of monetary incentives. They reduced the lowest levels of poverty, but could not advance the general material...
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