Frente atlántico





Tareas 3 y 4

Inglés IV


Marialin Lacourt

CI: 19.128.548

Tarea 31- If the weather were nice, we would have gone swimming
2- My family would have gone to the zoo if the weather had been nice yesterday.

3- If I bought a lottery ticket, I could havewon the lottery.
4- My brother would have driven to school if he had gas in his car
5- My mom would have baked a cake if she had enough flour and sugar.

NEGATIVES: (USE CONTRACTIONS)6- My brother couldn't have driven to school if he wouldn’t got his car fixed.

7- If it wouldn’t snowed, last night, we couldn't have gone skiing today.

8- My dad couldn't have washedhis car if today weren’t Saturday

9- If we wouldn’t had to go to work, we could have slept all day.

10- We wouldn't have learned anything if we didn’t do our homework.

Part II Completeen el espacio en blanco en presente imaginario.

1. If you Didn’t study (not study), you could fail (fail) the test.
2. We Could die (die) if we wouldn’t got (not get) help soon!
3. If you Looked(look) in the fridge, you would find (find) some cold drinks.
4. If there were (be) no oil in the engine, the car would break (break) down.
5. I might lend (lend) you my umbrella if you needed it(need) it.
6. The sea level could rise (rise) if the planet got (get) hotter.
7. If you ate (eat) your sandwiches now, you wouldn’t have (not have) anything for lunch!
8. You would be (be) safe in anaccident if you weared (wear) your seatbelt.
9. If he saved (save) all his money, he would be able to go (be able to go) on holiday to Canada.
10. I brought (not come) with you if you would not came(not bring) John!

Part III. Complete con el Pasado Imaginario.
Utilice la palabra entre paréntesis y complete la oración.

1- If I (have) Had enough money, I (backpack) could have backpack...
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