Frequency adverbs

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What are frequency adverbs?
Frequency adverbs are adverbs that state how often something happens or someone does something.
What is the grammatical structure frequency adverbs?
In geranalrequencey adverbs are used just like any other adverb. They come before the main verb, except if the main verb is the verb "to be" then adverbs comes after the verb.
Below is a chart a frequency adverbs,the numbers after the adverbs will give you an idea of the how often an event would take place.
Frequency Adverbs
nearly/almost always 90%
Usually 80%
Very Often/Frequently 70%
Sometimes 50%
Occasionally 40%
Almost never/ever 20%
Seldom/Almost never 10%
Never 0%
Positive and Negative Sentences without the verb "to be".
Frequency adverbs are used in positivesentences and negative sentences. The frequency adverbs are placed after the main verb (if the main verb is not the verb "to be).
• I always walk to school
• My cats sometimes like to play
•Our teacher almost never gives us a lot of homework.
• The teacher doesn't always come on time.
• My cats don't always like to play with my socks.
• I don't often walk to school.

Positive andNegative Sentence with the verb "to be"
Frequency Adverbs are used in positive sentences and negative sentences. The frequency adverb is placed before the main verb if the main verb is the Verb "tobe".
• The teacher is always on time.
• My sister is never lazy.
• Our house is sometimes a mess.
• My brother's house is never a mess.
• The sofa is always fun to sit on.
Questions without theverb "to be" as the main verb
When questions use the verb "to be" as the main verb the frequency adverb is placed after the subject.
• Does she always walk to work?
• Why does the oven always stopworking after 10 minutes?
• Do you always clean the sofa every day?
Questions with the verb "to be" as the main verb. In question when the main verb is the verb "to be" the frequency adverb is...