Frida kahlo

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Contemporary Art History

September 17th 2007

Frida Kahlo

This report is about my visit to the Frida Kahlo’s exhibition at the MARCO museum in Monterrey N.L., the first exposition fullydedicated to this amazing Mexican painter, here in the city. I went to see this exhibition on a Sunday afternoon, lots of people and mainly families, and my expectations were pretty high, because the longwaiting at the entrance and the publicity and commentaries about Frida.
The exposition that I saw was a selection of many of Frida Kahlo’s artworks, from her first drawings to some of her lastpaintings. Also in the exposition were a lot of photos of Frida, taken in different times of her life, in different sizes and contributing to make this great atmosphere, colorful and unique.

Firstof all, the exposition begins with the early photos of girl Frida and goes on with the paintings, like following a timeline with the photos and the work of the artist. The theme is all about Kahlo’slife and work and her sensitivity as a human being, with suffering and tragedy reflected in her art.
The painting that I analyzed is “Las Dos Fridas”, a well-known artwork of Kahlo and one of mypersonal favorites, created in 1939. I think there is a very special and complicated theme in the painting, an interpretation that varies from people to people, and with the same condition of surrealisticand sadness.
In the painting, are two characters, a Frida at one side holding the hand of other Frida at the other side. The interpretation of the painting in general, comes to the details, first youcan see a little portrait of a boy (Diego) in the hand of one Frida, then, there’s the blood and passing by the heart, to the other Frida and then to the exposed heart, the blood ends finallysomewhere at her lap and knees. In my opinion, there is the reference to the blood and heart in the two Fridas, as the love declared for Diego, and in this painting in particular to the son of that she...
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