Fritzy and her brother

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English – Fritzy and her brother

Chicago in the early 20th century… Fritzy is 25 years old and she wants to go to New York to look for work in the theater. But her father doesn’t want her toleave whereas her brother is allowed to go to Detroit. She meets her brother few times after talks to him.

“Hey Carl! Do you remember that I told you my will to go to New York to work in a theater,don’t you?” She asked.
“Of course I do! Are you going finally?” He already supposed that their dad didn’t want her to go because she was a girl.
“Well, dad doesn’t want me to go, he thinks it’s toodangerous for a girl of my age, especially New York. I also understood that he doesn’t believe at all in the work I want to do.” She said angrily.
He replied, “I know what you mean… You want me tohelp you, right?” Carl knew his sister well and could understand everything she was trying to explain.
Surprised, she answered kindly, “It would be so(ooo) nice from you Carl. I won’t lie to you… Iam a bit jealous of you, because you can leave, not me. But your help would maybe change dad’s point of view.” She was smiling, that’s exactly what she was expecting her brother to do.
“Ok, I’mgoing to try to do my best. Just one thing, it would be easier if you tell me exactly what he said” He said, taking himself for Sherlock Holmes
“When I told him that, he became like every time when he’sangry, you know,
like a military officer… Then he said what I just told you about New York and my job. To finish, he said he wanted the best for me… Guess what? A husband, a home, and children.That’s what he considers the best for me… I just want to do what I want, you see? Well, in any case, I’ve already bought my railway ticket!” She started to get really excited…
“Calm down, Fritzy!”said Carl calmly. “Let me talk to him, you know as well as me how I can influence him. I think everything is gonna be all right. Don’t worry. I only suggest you to wait.” He winked her and watched his...
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