From a dream to reality

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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Most people are driven by their goals and dreams. Oftentimes in order to achieve them we most forget the world and only listen our inner voice. There are decisions in life that we must make on our own and even without our parents. Some of our choices will make us and some will break us, but as long as we chose carefully we will grow and mature over time. We create dreams and goals without anyintention. If you have a good dream that would not damage you don’t let it pass you by. Waste no time and grab it immediately, because opportunities are bald and you need to hang on to the first hair that you see.

My biggest dream has always been to be involved with music in any platform: DJ, guitarist, etc. The first time I started to get involved so much with music was when I heard my fatherplaying a friend’s guitar in a cloudy day. I was watching TV in my room and the power went off. I started to hear this amazing sound that grabbed my soul immediately. I didn’t know that my father could play the guitar so beautifully. I got so impressed when I saw him playing it while I sat on a white couch in the living room. I told him that I loved to watch people play musical instruments. Iasked my dad to teach me how to play guitar. I started to practice with him, but I got bored so I quitted shortly after.

I got interested in the guitar again a few months later. I told my father that I was interested again and that I wanted to get my own guitar, but hey said no! You are so irresponsible you are going to quit again. My father didn’t want to buy it so I asked my mother if I can haveone. She said no too. She had heard the discussion with my dad earlier. So I told her that this time was for real I begged her to get me a guitar, the tears from my eyes started to come out. Mom told me that she was going to think about it. Later on they came with the surprise and I finally had my first acoustic guitar.

After I got my first guitar, my dad taught some chords and he made merepeated them over and over again so I could learn how to pass from one chord to another. Learning to play the guitar with my father who told me to do the same exercise every day with no changes was not easy at all. At Doulos Discovery School my music teacher taught me some Christian songs too and I had to learn some new chords and rhythms. I didn’t like that much either method that I was learning byeither at class or at home with my father. I had to find out another way so I started to learn songs like “Maná – El muelle de san blas” by looking for chords in the internet. I even learned harder pieces like “Audio Slave – like a stone and be yourself”. Over time with all the independent studies and with a little help from both my father and music teacher I learned more chords and played songsby different artists. Eventually I was so advanced that I would learn them by just using my ears, It is kind of hard but the satisfaction that you get when you do it, it’s awesome.

I had ideas and combined chords that I know that would flow well together. I played some of my own melodies but I didn’t write them down. I tried to write a song one time, with lyrics and everything but I was lazyand a little scared of what people would say about it. I got to the point where I said to myself that I was comfortable with what I knew; making guitar cover of others songs, and play at the concerts that my school held during Christmas and expedition night.

Sometime one thing leads you to another thing, like when I truly heard electronic music and then I got to be a DJ. I heard electronic musicbefore in the radio and TV but it didn’t fill my soul until the day I was at my sisters’ apartment in Santiago. Elisa (my sister) just got one of the first IPod. It was white and the screen was black and white, it didn’t have other color. Elisa left her IPod in the leaving room on a round table.

I was bored at her apartment and I didn’t know what to do. So I saw the IPod and I started to...
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