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Hypersonic 2

Read Me - Hypersonic 2.0

Welcome ! First of all we would like to thank you for purchasing a high quality product from Steinberg.

This document contains information about installing and using Hypersonic 2 on your computer.Hypersonic 2 - most important news
· Full patch editor – hundreds of parameters for unlimited creative options
· Hyperphrase (polyphonic arpeggiator) with 200 categorized phrases included, featuring MIDI file import
· Combi chain feature – switching combinations of multiple patches per program change / controller chain.· General MIDI Hypermodule GM 4 included
· Setup page option for preloading required content into RAM
· Improved audio quality for all drums
· New drumkits, especially theelectronic department has been significantly expanded
· New XXL instrument versions – bigger multisample versions of many importantinstruments
· Extended sample content – more than double the size of Hypersonic I, most instruments revised, many additional multisamples
· 800 new and 1000 revised factory patches
· 5 new effect types: high quality reverb, reverse reverb, diffuser delay, bi-phaser, tube drive
· Extended synthesis editor featuring in-deep patchediting
· Delivery format: VST PC/Mac, stand-alone with rewire client support, DXi, AU
· Improved graphical user interface
· MIDI Learn for all editing knobs
· New plug-in formats supported: DXi, ReWire for Pro Tools® support, standalone
· Multi-channel output option

In-Depth PatchEditing With version 2.0 the user gets full access to all oscillator parameters, the modulation matrix and LFOs, this was previously only available to owners of the US-1 expansion. This allows complete control over the different types of synthesis.

Hyperphrases Hypersonics classic analog arpeggiator modes & monophonic step sequences are enhanced in Hypersonic II by polyphonic phrases and thepossibillity to import user phrases from MIDI files.
Combi Chain Feature / Pre-loading For live performance on stage or comfortable work in the studio Combis using multiple patches can be switched using an assignable MIDI controller. Pre-loading allows instant switching between these Combis by putting the needed content intellegently into RAM. Any held notes of the first combi continue for as longas they are held when switching.

Increased Sample Content Hypersonic 2.0 comes with more than double the sample content, new multi-samples, new instruments aswell as revised patches and instruments of version 1.0. For example the original Hypersonic Grand Piano has been extended and a whole new additional piano has found its way into version 2.0.New Plug-in Formats/ Multi Output Hypersonic 2.0 will be available for all major host applications. Hypersonic 2.0 will feature VST format aswell as AU, DXi and an stand-alone version to be used via ReWire in any host. Hypersonic will feature multi output compatibility in all of these formats.

General MIDI Hypermodule GM 4 The General MIDI Hypermodule GM 4 is already included inHypersonic 2.0 and ready to go. The GM-4 General MIDI Module delivers 128 GM instruments plus a great GM drum kit. It is compatible to the GM standard and provides an extremely easy way of sequencing GM files.

New Effects For advanced fun and versatility 5 new types of effects have been added in Hypersonic 2.0: high quality reverb, reverse reverb, diffuser delay, bi-phaser and tube drive....
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