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What does Frostbite (Frostnip) mean?
It is the temporary (superficial) or permanent (deep) skin tissue damage caused by prolonged skin-tissue temperature of 23 degrees F and below (-5 degrees C).Frostnip, a superficial freezing of the outer layer of the skin - also can occur if you are exposed to cold weather. The skin turns white as blood circulation decreases, then stings, and becomes quitepainful.
Particularly susceptible are: The ears, nose, hands, and feet.
Frostbite is sometimes accompanied by hypothermia, which must be treated first.Symptoms of Frostbite
Common warning signs include a progressive numbness and a loss of sensitivity to touch. The affected area will also tingle or feel as if it is burning. As the conditionworsens, the pain begins to fade or eventually disappear.
The skin also changes color when exposed to extreme cold.
Treatment of Frostbite
*Comeout of the cold immediately and rewarm the affected area as rapidly as possible.
*Do not rub the skin in an effort to get blood flowing back to the area
*Immerse the affected part in a bath kept ata constant temperature of 104 to 105 degrees F (40 degrees C) for an hour or more.
*Take two ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen to dull the pain.
*Do not smoke or chew tobacco.
When the skinhas thawed and rewarming is complete, cover the damaged skin with bandages and warm clothing then contact your doctor or go to an emergency room.Prevention of Frostbite
Before going outside in extremely cold temperature, you should:
*Apply skin moisturizer to the face, hands, and any other body part that may be exposed to the cold.
*Dresswarmly, wear dry clothing, and stay out of the wind.
*Wear a face mask for extra protection.
*Wear heavy mittens instead of gloves in freezing cold weather.

Now you know: cold weather could be...
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