Fttx y tecnologia gpon

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Central Office
Electronics to OSP cable Interface. Packaging of splitters and WDM’s

FIST GR2 Rack System • controlled pigtail management • space saving design • OSPcable termination

FIST GSS2 • single circuit splice shelf • utilizes SOSA and SASA trays

FIST GPS2 • tray patch shelf • field spliced pigtails • minimized laser exposure

FIST FPS2 • frontaccess patch shelf • field spliced pigtails • minimized laser exposure

Features and Benefits: • Precise fiber management to organize a large number of terminations • Flexible, addressable design forterminating OSP cable to OLT’s when activating new PONs • Minimizes use of connectors to improve reliability and to reduce reflections • Access to network for testing and re-arrangements • High densityDistribution Network
Secondary splitters and drop to distribution cable interface

AIR FOSC • in-line, strand mount closure • taut sheath or looped cable • 8 drops • utilizes FOSC OC splittertray

FIST GC02 • universal butt splice closure • single circuit fiber management • utilizes SOSA and SASA trays

FOSC 400 A8 • universal butt splice closure • multiple drop ports plus mid span •utilizes FOSC OC splitter trays

FIST TAPS (100 and 200) • in-line, strand mount closure • butt for hand holes • 8 drops

Features and Benefits: • Low cost and easy to use • Drops can be installedas subscribers are signed up • Design and performance optimized for the application • Taut sheath (no slack) and express (looped) cable splicing • Compatible with most drop types and splicingtechniques

Feeder Network
Cable splicing and primary splitters

Features and Benefits: • Reliable performance in any OSP environment • Craft friendly with low installation cost • Compatible with mostcable and fiber types • Convenient and secure packaging of passive optical devices

FOSC 400 • universal butt splice closure • heat-shrink cable seals • one step to open/close

FOSC 600 •...
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