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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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Summarize Alice’s adventures in Wonderland
Chapter 1
A girl called Alice was very bored; she was sited with her sister in the trees, when suddenly a white rabbitpassed in front of her, running.
She thought that running behind him would be weird, but she take the risk, jumped to her feet and start to run. She follow him veryquickly, then the rabbit was walking into a rabbit hole, and when she was inside, suddenly started to fall, but It was weird, because she could see books, cupboards and allthat stuff.
She was falling for a long time, but suddenly she was sitting on the ground. The first thing that she saw was the rabbit running and she run as fast as shecould. When she stopped in the middle of her eyes, were a lot of doors. She tried to open the doors, but all of them were closed. She found a gold key in a glasstable, but the key just open one door, when she found the hole of the key but it was too small, behind the door it was a beautiful garden.
She felt unhappy because shecouldn’t get into the garden so she locked the door again, put the key in the glass and suddenly she saw a bottle that around the neck said: ‘’DRINK ME’’, so despite of allthe things she knew of drinking strange things, she decided to drink it and it was really terrific, she started to getting smaller and smaller. Finally she was onlytwenty five centimeters high, but she realized that she left the key in the top of the glass table. She tried over and over again to climb but it was in vain. She startedto cry and she saw a cake that in the surface was written ‘’EAT ME’’, she take the risk again, getting happier but nothing happened and the cake was getting over.
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