Fuentes d energia alternas

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Alternative sources of energy

Today people are too dependant to oil and they think it is infinite, but scientist still continue searching for the best application for the most common alternativesources of energy cause the oil will end and it will become too expensive, the greenhouse effect gases are finishing with our world, and because there exist a plenty of alternative sources of energy.The fact that oils is ending is here, it will pass no long for us to use another way of transport besides car, the problem is that now a days it’s one of the most used and common ways oftransporting if not that it is the primarily way used. And today oil is too 3coveted, and its price is increasing until it is too expensive

An important reason is that were are causing our planet an extremedamage, called global warming, which is caused by the gases of greenhouse effect, that consequently will cause the Earth’s temperature increases which as a result has the melting of the poles, thatmeans the natural habitat of so many species will disappear; and the temperature will continue increasing until it gets to the point in which it is irreversible and the earth inhabitable.

But we areleaving behind the fact that there exist a plenty of alternative sources of energy such as:

-Solar.-it provides clean fuel, and all life in Earth depends on the solar heat even our power and sunlight can be directly used to create electricity, and the attemps for it started in the late 50s , and the first result was the solar cells that funtion because some elements such as silicon react to thesunlight.

-Hydropower.-it´s derived from the force of moving water, and the first application for this way of energy was for irrigation. One of the ways hydropower is produced is in the power ofthe moving waves. The first generator (hydroelectric central) was built in Appleton, Wisconsinin 1882

-Wind power.- the earliest known of it is by the Egyptians 5000 years ago. The first windmill...
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