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  • Publicado : 3 de febrero de 2011
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Victor Sandoval
October 28, 2010

Bilingualism Good for the Brain

1. Author: Jessica Marshall from DiscoveryNews. Article states that regularly speaking two languages improves mental performance, memory, and the executive function – ability on decision making, planning, troubleshooting, and multi-tasking. Inmost of other papers this is also listed as the main advantage of being bilingual. The downside of it, also being the most mentioned in other papers, is that bilingual people usually have fewer wordsin their vocabulary for each language compared to monolingual people, and bilingual people have ‘tip-of-the-tongue’ problems more often. It also states that in studies it has been shown thatAlzheimer’s patients that had been speaking in two languages for long are able to cope better with the pathology of the disease, and they can retain brain function for longer.
2. It is dealing withlanguage; there is a chapter in the book about the study of language. We have been talking and discussing different aspects about language and different types of communication in class, as well as takingnotes. This particular topic has been brought up in class but we have not gone too much into it.
3. The author is reviewing Jared Diamond of the University of California, Los Angeles study. At the sametime she uses research done by other people.
4. The article falls into the Linguistics subfield of anthropology. And I would say that it could be in the Biological Anthropology subfield because italso deals with the way the brain is functioning in relation to being bilingual or monolingual.
5. It addresses language and communication, but also its consequences on our cognitive process, and how itaffects different types of troubleshooting, planning and multi-tasking situations that happens in our every day life.
6. I learned that being bilingual has a big influence in the way we can think...
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