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Crystal Ball Funcfions some crystat Batt functionscan be useclclirectryfi.omwithin Excel. Source: Developer for Crystal Kit Ball2000 andCB Predictor, Decisioneering 1999. Inc., Sometimes it usefultoembed is somefrrnctions directlyinto a worksheet; example, for to automatically extract summalystatistics and/orpercentiles from a simulation. These be can specinllyformatted a user.who doesnot havetoknow anything for nboutthe CB interface. All of thesefunctions (andothers)canbe accessed from the functionwizard in Excel,or typedin likc any otherExcelfunction(of course, CB add-inmustbeloadedfirst). In t r* function the wizard, the CB functions in the"CrystalBall" category. are

I'r"obnbilit1, (distribution parameters) llistrihutions

CB.GetFore StatFN (ForeReferencg, Index)Simulation Results

l.tttrcliotts|trreachol.t|teptoltnlrilityttiitrffi Iist in Table 3.1 (page88) of Evans& Olson book. Returnsdescriptivestatistic ForeReference must point to a defined forecastcell (ifnot, #VALUE is displayed). Indexis a nunrber betweenI ancl13.Beforst sirnulation ru', or afterresettingthe results shown0s zeroes. is are The valuesof Indexretumthe following values: l: nurnber trialsof 2: mean 3: median 4: mode 5: standard deviation 6; varianco 7: skewness 8: kurtosis 9: cocflicientof variability l0: minimum Il:maximum 12: ronge(nax-min) 13: standard error

I\lodel InformutlonC'tJ.fielForel)erceut l-orel{el'ere FN( nce,Percent) Cti.GelCerlilint.v l or.el(c l-'N1 l'erenc e, Value) ('lJ.llerirliousFN( I (AssutrrRcl. ClJ.CetAssunrlrN lndcx) CB.GcJAs umPcrcen (A ssumR s tFNel'erence, Perccnt) Llj.ueruec v&r.N ( Decv0rRel; lndex)

Retums vulue a fbrecast of roro sp@ probability). percentile a number The is llom 0 to 100, Returns cutaintylevel(curnulative theprobobilir), a giv6Talue for ofa forecast.

lh unrber ireffi ot' llglttttrserr
Returnsinformationaboutassumption cells. Rctums pcrcentileof an assurnption@ cell's dlstrlbutlon.-slfirilar G€tForepercentFN a...
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