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Comunicación Activa en Ingles
* Participación * No copiar Fiel y exactamente
* Actitud *Evaluación individual
* Interés *No mentir
*No salidas del aula * Puntualidad
*No pleitos
* No malas palabras

1 st. Activity
General Review
Personal Information
Occupation:E-mail :
Actor/ actess:

Ask for permission
Drink water
Principal,s office

What’s going on?
What’s up?

Far wells}see you tenorrow
See you next ______ bye bye
So long
Se asons of the sun
Week days end

What’s your name? I’m Miryam

Howold are you? I’m 16 years old

Where are you from? I’m from Nuevo León?

What do you do? I’m a student

What’s your e-mail? It’s

What’s your address? It’s 219, Agua Verde, Manantiales.

What’s your telephone number? 82145682
Simple Present
I work I don’twork Do I Work?
You mark You don’t work Do you work ?
he he
she works she doesn’t work
It it

We we
You work you don’t work
They they


Yes I do No, I don’t

| I | do |
Yes | you | do |
| we | do |
| I | Don’t’ |
No | you | Don’t’ |
| we | Don’t’ |

| he | |
Yes | she |does |
| it | |
| he | |
No | she | Doesn’t |
| it | |

| you | |
Yes | we | do |
| they | |
| you | |
No | we | Don’t |
| they | |

Gramar Objet Pronouns
Subject Pronoun Objet Pronun

| I | Me |
| you | you |
Singular | he | him |
| she | her |
| it | it |

Plural | we | us |
| you | you |
| they| them |

2. Unscramble sentences

*doen’t he he krnow
*her give message could a you
*I ask them con
*would to go the movies me you like

No lo sabe él
Su mensaje podría dar a usted
I pedirles puede
sería ir al cine me quieres
por auto que lo lleva a la escuela

3. Complete the conversations with the correct subject pronoun

Ema: Hi jack. Hi ,Helen Do you want to have a cup ofcaffe with me ?

Helen: Oh , hi, Ema .Sorry ,but I can’t call me later.

Janie: I really like Michael but he doesn’t really talk to me.

Sarah: Why don’t you invite him to the school dance?

4. Grant: It’s my parent’s anniversary
I want to give them a nice girt

Cindy: Oh it’s my mom’s birthday tao.
Have tho buy her a present. Why don’t we go shopping together tomorrow?

Grant:Good idea . She you tomorrow.

5. Use phrasal verbs : drop off pick up let know

Could you possibly pick me up from school
After class and drop me off at my dentist’s
Office? Call me to let me know before 5 p.m

Shopping habits

Nancy: Excuse me I’m Nancy Blake
And I’m interviewing teenagers
Do you like to go shopping?

Jessica: Yes , I love it

Nancy: Whe do you go shopping?Jessica: On weekends

Nancy: Where do you prefer go shopping?

Jessica: To the mal Because it’ s hear to my house. I really prefer to shop at a market
My favorite place is a market in coayocan .I buy beautiful Mexican jewelry and handicrafts’ there.

Nancy: Finally: how much money do you spend each month on shopping?

Jessica: I don’t know . It depends, but I guess 500 pesos on average.My mom can’t stand shopping and she say I’m a shopaholic , but I don’t agree.

Nancy : Ok ,thanks for talking to me

Jessica: On you ‘re welcome

Does Jessica like to go shopping?

When does Jessica go shopping?

Why does Jesscia like to shop at the mall?

Where is her favorite place to shopping?

What does she like to buy there?...
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