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Before installation:

It is highly recommended to first uninstall other codec related packages before installing this package. This way your system stays clean and potential problems will be avoided. Close all multimedia applications (media players, video editors, browsers, filesharing tools) before installing this pack.


Below on this page you can find some information aboutall components included in this codec pack. Please read this information thoroughly. Leave all settings in the installer at their default values if you don't know exactly what you should install. Do NOT simply select all components because you think that more means better. In fact, less is better. Many components are not selected by default since it is very unlikely that you actually need them.Click on the 'Print' button to open this documentation in Wordpad. That way you can view it during the entire installation procedure.

After installation:

It is recommended to click the Reset to recommended settings shortcut after the installation. This should be done on all user accounts, except for the administrator account that was used to perform the installation. This will make sure allcomponents are correctly configured.

Unattended installation:

An unattended installation is a silent installation that doesn't require any user interaction. Run the setup with the command-line parameter -MakeUnattended to activate the "Unattended Install Maker" wizard. Follow the instructions given in the wizard to create an unattended install with just a few mouseclicks.

Codecs explainedMost players use DirectShow for playback. DirectShow is a framework in which DirectShow filters are used as building blocks to construct what is called a DirectShow graph. A multimedia file is a root of this graph and the audio and video renderers are the leaves of the graph. During playback data flows from the root to the leaves. Each filter in the graph performs a subtask of the wholedecoding process. Typical elements in the graph are a source filter, which is often also called a splitter or parser, and decoders for the audio and video. A source filter is responsible for reading the file format and feeding the data to the other filters downstream in the graph. During graph creation, if DirectShow finds multiple filters that are able to perform the same subtask, then it will typicallyselect the filter that has the highest merit. The merit of a filter is simply a numerical value that indicates the preferability of the filter. Tools exist to alter the merit of a DS filter. Advanced players are often able to manipulate which filters are used in the graph, allowing for example to block or prefer certain filters. If no suitable DirectShow filter can be found to decode a certainaudio/video format, then DirectShow is able to fall back to using VFW and ACM codecs (see below) through special wrapper filters.

Codec is short for 'compressor-decompressor', a piece of software that is able to decode and encode a certain format. By this definition, a DirectShow filter is not a codec.

Two other frameworks are VFW (Video For Windows) and ACM (Audio Compression Manager).Components for these system are called codecs, because they are typically able to both encode and decode. These two types of codecs are required by most video editing applications, such as VirtualDub. Traditional video editing applications are not able to use DirectShow. More modern applications are sometimes capable of using DirectShow for decoding, but they usually still require VFW and ACM codecs forencoding.


# means that ffdshow is able to decode the same format(s) as the marked component. So you don't necessarily need to install the marked component if you install ffdshow.
# means that Media Player Classic is able to decode the same format(s) as the marked component. So you don't necessarily need to install the marked component if you install MPC and use it as your...