Fundamentos de derecho comercial tributario y contable

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The main restaurantstreet in Gothenburg is Linnégatan running from Järntorget to Linnéplatsen. It has a high concentration of good restaurants of all kinds in the low to moderate price range.Most restaurants offer lunch menus ranging 60-80 SEK, mostly they are served between 11:30 and 14:00.
* Andrum, Östra Hamngatan 19A. Tasty and healthyvegetarian/vegan buffet.
* Maharani Första Långgatan 4, Indian food in a cozy atmosphere. Starters for 30-40 SEK and main courses for about 110 SEK.
* MingelingBerzeliigatan 7, Chinese food in a trendy place with a nice panda bear on the shop sign.
* Japan Shop Kungsgatan 9C, small, unassuming place with good, cheap sushi. Mains 50-75SEK.
* Salwa's Falafel Express / Sunset Falafel Kungstorget. Very nice falafels are to be found in two mobile stalls. A falafel is 30 SEK.
* Alexandra's SoupKitchen Saluhallen. This small soup kitchen located in Saluhallen at Kungstorget delivers a wide range of Greek food. Among the most popular dishes is the excellent lentil soupserved with fresh bread (35 SEK).
* Feskekôrka. The fish market is not only a nice tourist attraction, but all fishmongers offer fantastic fish dishes to take away atlow low prices (50-60SEK). Make sure you try the fish soup sold at the last booth, under the restaurant.

Compañia de Trenes en Suecia: Sj. Visite:
Compañia deTrenes en Suecia: Sj. Visite:

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