Fury of a bear

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  • Publicado : 19 de noviembre de 2011
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The fury of a bear

There he was, fishing the least he could get, the bear return to his home with less than five fish in his mouth. When he arrives to the cave there were four babybears and a female bear. At least the babies will eat, he though when suddenly a pack of wolf attack the cave. The bear gets angry and blinds him. In the fight for protecting his familythe fish were lost.

When the bear realize what has happened the fishes were taken by pack. He roars with so much fury that all the birds in the area fly away. The bear wanted revenge onthe wolfs because they had taken the food of his family. When the bear found the wolf pack he begins to attack on a rampage. He manages to kill a wolf but the others escape. The beargrab the wolf and take it to his family.

Two days later the wolf pack appears in the cave looking for revenge for the death of their brother. But unfortunate for them the bear familyhad move to another location in order to evade another attack and to have a better environment of food. The bears move into another cave not too far from their previous home. Finally thebears were safe of trouble or so they thought.

There were more animals to eat there. But unfortunate for the bears luck is not yet on their side. Animal hunters were close to thatarea, so the vast of animal that they had to eat was cut down to none. This makes the bear angry and went to look for the hunters. The female bear went with him as well to make sure hesurvives this fight.

Of course the hunter kills the bear but the female bear kills the hunters and brings them to the cave for the kids as dinner. They soon moved to another location wherethey were free of all threats and can have a happy life. The bear family was getting a lot of food and leaf because the winter was close they need to sleep well after that big loss.