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Developing RIA Web Applications with Oracle ADFPurposeThis tutorial shows you how to build a rich Internet application that interacts with a database. You'll be using Oracle JDeveloper 11g Version and the ADF framework to build the application, and in the process you'll work with Oracle ADF Business Components, Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Components and Oracle ADF TaskFlows.Time to CompleteApproximately 2 hoursTopicsThe tutorial covers the following topics: | Overview |
| Scenario |
| Prerequisites |
| Create a New Fusion Application and Business Components |
| Refine your Business Components |
| Create JSF Web Pages |
| Bind Data Controls to your JSF Page |
| Enhance your JSF Page |
| Add More Complex Business Services |
| Create a PageFlow |
| Use ADF Faces Framework Features |
| Create Read Only Business Services, Page Fragments and Regions |
| Summary |
Viewing ScreenshotsPlace the cursor over this icon to load and view all the screenshots for this tutorial. (Caution: This action loads all screenshots simultaneously, so response time may be slow depending on your Internet connection.) Note: Alternatively, you canplace the cursor over an individual icon in the following steps to load and view only the screenshot associated with that step. You can hide an individual screenshot by clicking it. OverviewThis tutorial takes you through a simple scenario of building a rich internet application that provides a user interface to access database tables. You'll be using Oracle JDeveloper 11g Version andOracle ADF 11g to create a complete application including business services, user interface and page flows.The focus of this tutorial is to illustrate the visual and declarative approach that Oracle ADF provides for Java EE application development. While working through the tutorial notice how ADF saves you from writing low level and speeds up your development process.Back to Topic ListScenarioTheapplication that you create in this tutorial displays information on department and employees. You will create several JSF pages that enable you to query and update the data in the database.Back to Topic ListPrerequisites 1. | Have access to or have installed Oracle JDeveloper 11g Version You can download it from Oracle Technology Network.   |
2. | This tutorial uses the sample HRschema that comes with the recent versions of the Oracle database.
For security reasons this schema is usually locked. We'll therefore unlock the user in the next steps. From a command line invoke sqlplus and login using the system user; provide the password for the account.   |
3. | Type the following command in the SQL> prompt
alter user HR identified by HR account unlock;
Once the commandgot executed you can exit sqlplus and the command line window.   |
4. | Start JDeveloper using the shortcut your installation provided.If you are prompted to migrate from an older version choose No. When prompted to choose a role - choose the default role. |
Back to Topic ListCreating a New Fusion Application and Business ComponentsWhen you work in JDeveloper, you organize your work inprojects within an application. JDeveloper provides several templates that you can use to create an Application and projects. The templates are pre configured with a basic set of technologies that are needed for developing various types of applications, and you create your working environment by selecting the template that fits your needs. You can then configure it to add any other technologies you planto use.In the first section you are going to create a new Application using the Fusion technology and build reusable business components that will access the database.
You'll be using the Oracle ADF Business Components technology to map Java objects to existing tables in your database. 1. | In the Applications Navigator, click New Application. Another option is to use the File->New... menu...
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