Future conditional

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Exercises on Conditional Sentences Type 1

1. If Caroline and Sue prepare the salad, Phil will decorate the house.
2. If Sue cutsthe onions for the salad, Caroline will peel the mushrooms.
3. Jane will hover the sitting room if Aaron and Tim move the furniture.
4. If Bob tidiesup the kitchen, Anita will clean the toilet.
5. Elaine will buy the drinks if somebody helps her carry the bottles.
6. If Alan and Rebecca organisethe food, Mary and Conor will make the sandwiches.
7. If Bob looks after the barbecue, Sue will let the guests in.
8. Frank will play the DJ if theothers bring along their CDs.
9. Alan will mix the drinks if Jane gives him some of her cocktail recipes.
10. If they all do their best, the party will begreat.
Great, all answers are correct!

Exercises on Conditional Sentences Type 2

1. If you send this letter now, she will receive it tomorrow.2. If I do this test, I will improve my English.
3. If I find your ring, I will give it back to you.
4. Peggy will go shopping if she has time inthe afternoon.
5. Simon will go to London next week if he gets a cheap flight.
6. If her boyfriend does not phone today, she will leave him.
7.If they do not study harder, they will not pass the exam.
8. If it rains tomorrow, I will not have to water the plants.
9. You will not be able tosleep if you watch this scary film.
10. Susan will not be able to move into the new house if it is not ready on time.
Great, all answers are correct!
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