Future continuous

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Future Continuous

It is used to express an action that will/is going to happen constantly.

* Verb to be
* Will
* Going to

The form of the verb:
* Ing formExamples:

* I will be traveling all summer.
* I am going to be travelling all summer.
* We will be staying here for a month.
* We are going to be staying here for a month.This are more ways to express the future:

Future Form | Usage | Example |
"be going to" | Predictions | You are going to meet a tall, handsome man. |
| Preconceived Plan | I'm going to havespaghetti for dinner tonight. |
"will" | Predictions | You will marry an intelligent woman. |
| Volunteer/Promise | I'll help you! |
Present Progressive | Definite Plan | She has her plane ticketsand she's flying to Miami tonight. |
| Definite Intention | We're staying home and watching a video tonight. |
| Definite Future Activity | They're going on a picnic tomorrow. |
Simple Present| Schedule or Timetable | Class ends at 3:00 today. After class I have to go to the airport to pick up Jane. Her plane arrives at 4:30. |


Affirmative (will) | I will be dancing inthe party next weekend |
Negative (will) | I won’t be dancing in the party next weekend |
Yes/No Question (will) | Will you be dancing in the party next weekend? |

Affirmative (going to) |Alvaro is going to be waiting for you |
Negative (going to) | Alvaro is not going to be waiting for you |
Yes/No question (going to) | Is Alvaro going to be waiting for you? |

Identify the tensesin Future continuous in the text

My Vacation Plans
David Henderson

I'm going to be vacationing on Thursday morning here. I'll be visiting my family until August 15. Sometime tomorrow and for afour-hour layover in Denver on Thursday, I'll be pre-programming some posts on things I've been thinking about. I'll also go on line from time to time while I'm there, although that's not easy....
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