Future of the media

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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The future of the media

Everywhere you turn there’s a screen to watch media, from your TV to your computer, your tablet to the mobile phone in your pocket. The diversity of how media is consumedhas only increased, as our desire for media. We watch more video media now than ever before, but with emerging models of distribution and technological advance, the way we watch has fundamentallychanged our experience and expectations. In an evolving marketplace where watching is now more interactive, media industry will definitely be affected.

Over the years, mankind has recognised the greatextent to which our attitudes are influenced and controled by media. The fact that these means of communication need to make a progress as technology advances can be effectively used to create positiveresponses and to keep the audience satisfied. I’ve come up with three ideas on how I think the future of media will turn out.

Firstly, I believe media will be multi touch. By this, I mean to saythat we will have text, video, audio, games, and several other interaction types as part of media. For example Magazines won’t be in print, you would be able to have the real magazine in the computer,mobile or tablet. Everything will go between the visual and the textual and back again.
Furthermore, I Believe media will be in mobile phones. It is already consume more and more from our mobiledevice, but the way we create media right now is still primarily as if we’re imagining a computer o TV. Media will change into something consumed by mobile devices (phones, iPads, and other). This meansthat internet will become an issue to think about how to think create different ways to display information.

Finally, I strongly believe that media will be subscription-based. As many internetpages, I think in a near future we will have to subscribe in order to watch TV or to listen to the radio. For example, I think we won’t buy a newspaper or a magazine, but instead, a subscription to the...
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