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exercise 7: Use Will and/or be going to with the verb in parentheses.

part 1: expressing predictions

.6. A: This letter is in French, and Idon’t speak a word of French. Can you help me?
B: Sure. I (translate)   ___________ it for you.

7. A: Do you want to go shopping with me? I (go)   ____________ to the shoppingmall downtown.
B: Sure. What time do you want to leave?
Sue (graduate)   __________________________   in June. After that, she (begin)   ________________   work at anelectronics firm
8. A: This light doesn’t work. The bulb is probably burned out. Where the new light bulbs?
B: I (get)      one for you.

9. A: It’s cold in here.
B: I agree. I(turn)      the heater on.
A: That’s a good idea.

10. A: I (enroll)      in the community college next spring.
B: Oh? I didn’t know you wanted to go back to school.
A: Ineed to sharpen my skills so I can get a better job. I (take)      a course in word processing.

11. A: Brrr. Who turned up the air conditioner? It’s really cold in here. Mynose is cold and my fingers are cold.
B: I (make)      you a hot cup of tea.
A: Thanks. That sounds good.

12. A: Oh, oh! I’ve spilled coffee on my shirt.
B: Just aminute. I (get)      a damp cloth for you.

13. A: What do you want to be when you grow up?
B: I (be)      an astronaut.
A: Good for you!

14. A: Do you mind if I turn the TVoff? I (place)      a long distance call, and it’s hard to hear if the TV is on.
B: No, that’s fine. I wasn’t watching it anyway.

15. A: Who wants to erase the board? Arethere any volunteers?
B: I (do)      it!
C: I (do)      it!
D: No, no! I (do)      it!

16. A: Why do you have an eraser in your hand?
B: I (erase)      the board.