Futuro simple

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Futuro simple
Forma afirmativa
El futuro simple se usa para expresar una acción futura inmediata y se forma con el auxiliar will seguido por el verlo en su forma básica.

Forma afirmativa largaforma corta afirmativa
I I’ll
You you’ll
He he’ll
She willgo she’ll go
It it’ll
We we’ll
You you’ll
They they’ll

Lucy’s boyfriend will be here next weekend.
Mandy will prepare lunch tomorrow.
I’ll flyto Paris next weekend.
Peter will come to our party.
He will send you the package next Tuesday.
I will go to school early.
Peter will study with me tomorrow.
The teacher will arriveat 7 o’clock.
Mary will leave home at 5 o’clock.
Susan will take a taxi today.

Futuro simple
Forma interrogativa
Para formar oraciones interrogativas en futuro simple se coloca el auxiliarwill antes del sujeto.
will She go?
Will Mary write a letter to john? Yes, she will No, she won’t
Will they play tennis tomorrow? Yes, they will No,they won’t
Will you study for the exam? Yes, I will No, I won’t
Will peter come with you? Yes, he will No, he won’t
Willwe go to Peter’s place? Yes, we will No, we won’t
Will Susan go to school by bus?
Will Richard sign that letter?
Will the students playfoot-ball next year?
Will Henry study math tonight?
Will you read that book tonight?

Futuro simple
Forma negativa
Para formar el negativa del futuro simple tomando en...
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