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This book is about a teenage boy named Link, who leaves home because of his mum's boyfriend who drinks and abuses him and his sister. Link leaves home with nothing but a back pack. After aweek or so, he meets a friend named ginger. Ginger teaches him about living life on the streets. But there is a killer on loose, finding homeless people.. to KILL! The book is read by twodifferent chracters, Link and Shelter(the killer). The book has hidden suprises and I rate it 5 because it is amazing! Well done to Robert Swindells! Thank you.

Submitted by Anonymous(Sep 27, 2010)
I like this book because of the storyline. I think link is a great character and i think shelter might have a problem! lol. i overall think that the book is a good exampleof London's homeless problems and I would give this a 4 or 5. that's all i have to say. I'm only saying this because my "review" isto short. so yeah.

Submitted by ryan noble
(Jul 01,2010)
Stone cold is written by Robert Swindells. It’s a thriller / mystery the storey tells you about link a teenage boy that finds him homeless on the streets of London. He left homebecause of violence and drunken abuse.
Link ended up in London with nothing but his back pack and no one, until a week or so later he meets someone called Ginger and he became best friend.Little did they know there was a psycho on the loose...
The story is told by two people- Link & Shelter. The two different voices made the book more exiting and make you want to read on.The reader is aware of both worlds and knows they will clash at some time. Link is a young teenager that has to defend himself. He’s harming no one, it all happens to the wrong people.Shelter the killer- is a man that won’t let his past go. He was a soldier therefore he believes it’s his mission to tidy up the streets by killing all the homeless people to make his ow
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