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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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The Department of Santander, is one of the most Colombia individuals in his mountainous part presents a succession of deep canyons that cut abruptly mountains, at the same time build fertile valleysas the rivers Suárez and Fonce, or spectacular terrain spaces like the Chicamocha canyon, where the river has carved through time a wild and majestic natural scenery that awakens the deepestadmiration considered one of the biggest attractions of the Department and the nation and place where it was built of the Chicamocha National Park, tourist site in just two years has positioned itself as oneof the most relevant attractions of Colombia.Paradise for the cavers, the majority of municipalities are beautiful caves such as Cave of the Indio wonderful in the Páramo and the cave of the plaster inCurití, works of engineering of nature made galleries that provide a framework to plenty of springs. Likewise, in its bowels, large numbers of fossils bear witness to a past of unsuspectedprehistoric vouchers, which can be seen in collections as that keeps the Museum archaeological and paleontological, located near the town of Guane, the population of Barichara and Chicamocha NationalPark.Santander is also dining Palace, with its main culinary incentives: big ass ants, yellow or peeled cornmeal, the Tamale and the santanderean mute, the goat and the fricassee, the profusion of sweet pilland cauldron , Malaga panuchas, cocada gironesa, the traditional veleño sandwich of guava and confiteure, florideñas wafers, the sabajón of Jesús Maríathe pickled zapatoqueños, Onzaga, the Peñón andSucre cheeses, sausages of the Valley of San Jose, corn beer or corn cream and famous widowers of fish of the Magdalena.The Pearl of the Fonce, as it is called San Gil, was promulgated tourist CAPITAL ofSANTANDER in July 2004 by the departmental Assembly in recognition of the number of visitors it receives, economic development, the rise of the extreme sports or risk and varied eco-tourism...
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