Gamecube or psx analog stick in n64 controller

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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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Gamecube or PSX analog stick in N64 controller
I. Preparations
In order to program the Atmega8 or Attiny24 microcontroller you'll need an ISP programmer for your PC's parallel port, just like thisone:

It's important that the programmer is STK200-compatible. These programmers can be found on eBay easily. The software we'll be using is BASCOM-AVR by MCS. A fully-functional demo version (up to4KB code) of BASCOM-AVR can be obtained at option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=41

II. Setting up BASCOM
Start BASCOM and go to „Options“ → „Programmer“Select „STK200/STK300 Programmer“ and confirm.

III. Schematics for programming the microcontroller
There are 2 different schematics depending on the microcontroller you are going to use:Atmega8:


For programming the microcontroller you can also use a battery. Have a look how simple and compact the programming circuit for the Attiny24 can be:

Remember: The red wire of theprogrammer's ribbon cable is always pin 1. In addition on the ISP socket & ISP plug there should be a little arrow indicating pin 1.

IV. Programming the microcontroller
Connect the programmingcable to the parallel port of your PC and to the ISP socket of your microcontroller. Make sure you provide power to the microcontroller. Otherwise it can't be programmed. The programming cable does NOTprovide power! Start BASCOM and open the .bas source code file that fits your microcontroller. Click on the „Compile“ symbol to generate a .hex file.

After that click on the green „Program chip“symbol to bring up the programming window.

Here you'll find the same green symbol again. Push it and the microcontroller will be programmed.

After the microcontroller has been successfullyflashed there is one more thing to do in BASCOM. Click on the „Lock and Fuse Bits“ tab to see a list of programmed and unprogrammed fuse bits. For the Attiny24 you have to select „Divide clock by 8, OFF“...
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