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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2011
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And the next month…
• Second hand games. A problem for the industry? • Special report, all new games incoming announced in E3 2011 • Voice acting in videogames. • AND

June 2011

In this number
Survey: all about people habits P.1 The University of Castellón and the new video game career P.2 Games: Art or Entertainment?P.3Tendencias y nuevo software P.4


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Additional data about the survey
A 58% of the surveyed prefer to play with friends, while the remaining 42%

A recent survey shows the gaming habits and preferences of the students of 1st Bachillerato.
Thissurvey was anonymously made to some voluntary pupils from Pedro Jiménez Montoya high school, and here we’ve got the results. They were asked about how much time they spend playing, what their favourite genre is, and many interesting questions about their habits and preferences. Let’s show the results:

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prefer to play alone. Also, the most chosen game as

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the favorite game between them is “Call of Duty”, followed by “The Sims” and “Assassin’s Creed”. The 89% percent of them use the PC as a gaming platform, also chosen as the favorite platform for playing.

4% 21% 17% 21%

Time Playing Videogames
12% 2 or more hours every day Almost all days during a week Just during the weekend Once a week Few Times during a month I Never play videogames


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10% 6% 10%

3% 23%

Favourite genre

19% 6% 16% 7% 6% 13%

Adventure/Action First Person Shooter Puzzle Music Videogames Simulation Role Playing Game Massive Multiplayer Online Sports Fight

Favourite Gaming Platform




C arl o s Garcí a S ola

PORTAL 2 “A wonderful masterpiece” “The Game of the Year” “Pureawesomeness” “Valve is back!”

The University of Castellón will be the first University in all Spain implementing the Video Game Development career
“Mum, I’m going to study the video game career!”
In a year or so, some students will be able to say this sentence sticking to reality. Or at least, it’s what the University Jaume I of Castellón trusts in, which aims to implement it during 2012-13.Miguel Chover, main professor of the Languages and Systems department at the University of Castellón, is responsible for the development of the career and explains that the idea came from the intention of creating a joint between the technological and the artistic aspects. Chover ensures that the video game industry is in full swing "and won’t stop growing. It's impossible", he says. TheUniversity of Jaume I has been working with video games during 11 years, and has created one of the first groups in Spanish universities dedicated to this field of digital entertainment. However, “Spain consumes a lot, but doesn’t produce almost anything, and this is a good opportunity to start doing so”, says the professor.

Video games: Art or entertainment?

WHAT DO Game developers think aboutvideogames?
"I think video games are not art yet, but they are approaching. It is only the beginning. The experience is growing in the industry "

“If we look at the evolution of digital entertainment like cinema and TV, we realize that videogames move more amounts of money than both of them together”.

In the past 15 years, the video game industry has evolved faster than any other entertainment,from a phase and an audience mostly teenage child that marked the progress from the end of the nineties, an incredible time and full of changes in the sector for the first time in its brief history, looking for other targets that were not just children. The following years did nothing but strengthen this new point of view of the sector, with the last 5 years in charge of a before and after,...
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