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Historical Origins of the Maras

The history of Hispanic street gangs extends their origin in the mid 40's, following a border conflict between the U.S. and Mexico that ended the war in1846.
During this period, the U.S. annexed several territories that had belonged to Mexico. These areas now include: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Definition of Gang

Gang: Twoor more individuals who meet to plan and commit criminal acts against the State, people, private property, etc.
The cameras are strictly hierarchical groups, despite similarities "fraternities."The leaders are, in general, who coolly demonstrated in the practice of crimes or who have a greater capacity for leadership. However, votes are often made, for example, what punishment will anymember of the gang who has violated one of its rules-which gives some illusion of participation.
There are many rules governing the operation of the gangs, and vary according to regions. Frequently therules are, for example, to switch ban someone from the enemy gang and the obligation to participate in any fight where the camera is involved. Another common rule is the obligation to react andrespond to any provocation, although it is in a position of inferiority.


●Socio-economic factor
●Family disintegration
●Deportation of illegal immigrants
●Loss of values
●Dropout●Influence of TV
●Abolition of compulsory military service
●On legislative protection

Characteristics that identify a gang member

With regard to clothing, there are two types of clothing:1. Rockers: They are always dressed all in black.
2. The cholos: Walk with extremely long and wide pants
●Extravagant hairstyles
●Cryptic language, which is a mixture of Spanish withEnglish
●Scratch walls
●Always walk in groups.
●They make hand signals.

Categorization Maras

Traditional gangs: These are illegal actions in their values or even retain some noble...
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