Gastos de una familia

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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First of all, let me mention that I received some negative comments from my family of this homework; my parents consider that this information is very dangerous to give and deserves privacy, so I hadto give fictional data and costs. This table is based on very fictional and unreal costs as an approximation to what might be the reality.
This work has the objective to make two charts, in thefirst one you have to put the expenses of your family that make in one year, then you have to make another chart giving information about the costs that one single person does in one year. Make acomparison and a reflection about what I think about the costs in order to notice what is happening with my economic situation in this moment.
In everyday life, we work to receive an income, that incomehelps us to have a financial situation very good. We must say that your lifestyle depends heavily on your financial situation.
In some cases, like in the most of our country unfortunately lifestyle andeconomic situation are very limited. So we must thanks our economic situation is stable and running successfully.
As a reflection, it is obvious that the family costs are bigger than the individualcost because there is more needs in one family than in one person. Also because we are speaking about a family, family means a lot of cost like school, water, food, clothes but not only of one person,approximately there are 5 or 4 members per family, so all that expenses we have to multiply by four.
And in the case of one single person, you only worry on what you need, you don´t worry aboutwhat others need.
In my case, I will definitely prefer living alone, because you work a lot and you receive and income, but that money is going directly to the hands of the family or is going to theneeds of the family instead you use that money for yourself.
For example, I like a lot playing the drums, if we check my chart we can concluded
that my bigger cost is related to my drums. So if I...