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Universidad Del Este

School of Social and Human Sciences

English 115 College Reading and Writing I


Prof. Mercado




Phone numbers:
Office # 257-7373-ext.2810/2166

Cell. Ph. # 548-6693

Course Description

Basic reading comprehension and writing skillswill be emphasized in the course. An integrated language arts approach will be used; therefore, specific grammatical skills will also be developed along with oral communication and listening skills. The ability to organize one’s thoughts, to express them simply and clearly, and to observe the standards and conventions of language usage will be developed. Students will be introduced to the writingprocess. Short research projects will be developed through the integration of technology (individual, pair, or group work). Classes will meet three (3) hours weekly.


Students in this course will:

1. Apply different reading strategies in order to achieve comprehension of academic texts.
2. Write various types of paragraphs and short essays using the writing process toensure correctness and clarity of the message.
3. Analyze diverse readings selections to establish author’s purpose, type of discourse, and central themes.
4. Develop oral presentations related to readings and class discussions integrating the use of technology.
5. Value reading and writing as ways to enrich thinking, learning, and communicating in our personal lives and in variousdisciplines and professions.

Course Content

Oral and written communication skills will stem from the reading selections, which will be used to develop reading comprehension skills. Grammar and punctuation will be integrated as a functional aspect of writing, but not a central part of the course. Students will be able to reinforce necessary grammatical skills in the laboratory component ofthe course.


a. Use vocabulary development and decoding skills

b. Scan for main idea

c. Skim for information

d. Evaluate author’s purpose

e. Interpret graphs and charts

f. Predict outcomes

g. Use graphic organizers

h. Differentiate main ideas from supporting details


Writing as a process: Brainstorming, drafting,revising, editing, and proofreading

1. Apply the five elements of writing: Purpose, audience, clarity, unity, and coherence

2. Identify the parts of a paragraph: Topic sentence, supporting sentences, and concluding sentences

3. Develop paragraphs and essays using the writing process: Pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading

4. Write different types ofparagraphs: compare/contrast, cause/effect, descriptive and classification

5. Summarize a reading selection with clarity

6. Write a coherent 5-paragraph essay

7. Write thesis statements

8. Use transitional devices


1. Practice stress, rhythm and intonation skills.
2. Increase active vocabulary
3. Develop the ability to express one’s thoughtssimply and clearly
4. Make effective oral presentations backed by researched
5. Defend an opinion

Grammar: (to be integrated with the writing)

1. Simple present, past, and future tenses

2. Present, past and future progressive tenses

3. Present perfect

4. Comparative and superlative adjectives

5. Infinitives of purpose

6. Modalsfor requests

7. Relative pronoun


Evaluation (suggested)

Will be based on information collected through various exercises, throughout the semester. For example, a minimum of four grades will be given, which may be distributed as follows:

▪ Course Outline/Books/Dictionary/Quizzes 100
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