Gato con botas

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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The real Hero
“Puss with boots” voice of Antonio Banderas. Is about a puss that gets left in an orphanage. He meets Humpty Dumptythere and become best friends. Humpty dumpty had a dream and the cat tries to help him but at the end humpty dumpty betrays the cat.Humpty Dumpty robs a bank in there village the puss with boots tries to stop him but when the sheriff comes to see he finds cat. The pussescapes because he didn’t want to get arrested.
The puss with boots dedicated himself to steal. In one of the houses he steals heis surprised by a mysteries cat. The puss follows but he realizes that is a girl cat. The cat tells him to help her and humpty dumptyhe accepts. Humpty dumpty promise him that he will return the money he stole back to the village and make them rich. They find themagical beans that would take them to the castle where lived a goose who laid golden eggs this had been humpty dumpty’s dream. When theyreach the castle they take the goose and give the golden eggs to the village. The puss realizes that his friend betrayed him again. Thepuss gets arrested. An unexpected event happens.
I like the movie because it has action, drama and comedy. My rating for this movieis a 9.5. It’s a really good movie for a family night. I enjoyed it very much. It will entertain old and young people. I recommend it.
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