Gato hidraulico

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gato hidraulico

We manufacture and market a range of inflatable vehicle lifting bags (Air Jacks) to a wide range of users.

The "EASYLIFT Air Jack" name has been in use by us since 1980, andAir Jacks carrying this name have been sold throughout the world.

Users of the vehicle lifting bags include public utilities (Gas and Electricity), Forestry companies, drivers of off road vehiclescrossing difficult terrain, rally drivers, racing car drivers, Paris-Dakar competitors and the entire fleet of "Camel Trophy" Land Rover Discoverys when they featured in the event.

The EasyliftAirjack has been Designed, Manufactured and Marketed in England by us, since 1980. Our Air-Jacks have been sold throughout the world for all sorts of uses.

If you need to lift an awkward object, perhapsin a difficult location or with very little clearance give us a call and we'll be more than happy to see if we can provide a Jack to suit your requirements.

It is equally at home in the heat of anAfrican desert, or the frozen landscapes of Alaska...

Example Uses:

• Jacking Cars, Caravans or Trailers

• Caravan Parks/Holiday Homes:

Holiday caravans and Mobile Homes canoften present problems when re-locating them around a site.
The fact that the wheels are very small can mean that they will sink in soft surfaces, such as sand or mud. We know that most operators useboards as a precaution against getting stuck, but we also know that the wheels often slip off those boards. And the caravan is then stuck. It can take many man-hours to recover the van.
A number ofoperators have found that our ELH04 air jack is just the right tool to lift a caravan to get boards back under the wheels. It is done with little effort, with fewer people, in greater safety and muchfaster. The time saved is equal to a lot of money saved.
Because the Air Jack is inflated by means of the exhaust gas from a vehicle, you do not need to carry a compressor around for it (we can...
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