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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2011
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Joseph Rosario

Jeffrey Tumalad

Gerson Orman

Luigi Almarante

EPI Hospitality & Tourism

English-146/ Research Paper

Shumilia Milliard/ Instructor

November 30th, 2011

Introduction 4
Abstract 5
Background 6
Invention of Gatorade 6
Brand Ownage 8
Advertising & Publicity 10
Research &Development 13
Products 15
Re-branding Of Gatorade 15
Types of Gatorade products 17
Conclusion 19
References 20
Appendix 21


What is sports drink: A sports drink is a deviation of an energy drink which aims at rehydration, sports performance and muscle recovery. Gatorade is a worldwide sports beverage that was made to replace water which was clearly not doing its job. Thissports beverage is known to everybody to actually have effect and work; Prepare, Maintain and Recover . They have a wide variety of flavors so that the ones that buy it doesn't get tired of the same flavors. Pepsi, who is the current maker of Gatorade has also made different type of sports drinks series to suit every athlete from different ages and level of competition.


The purposeof this study is to show how Gatorade came to be from the labs of the university to the sports drink that everybody knows. Gatorade is a product-line of sports-themed food and beverage products that was made around its signature product, sports drinks. Gatorade is currently being produced by PepsiCo and distributed in over 80 countries. The beverage was created in 1965 by scientists at theUniversity of Florida, to refill the combination of water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes that the school's athletes lost during hard competitions. Its name came from the nickname of the university's football team, the Gators. They have used mostly famous athletes to market their sports supplements, the most known is Michael Jordan.


The background of the Gatorade isn’t entirely knownby the general public for example who created it or where it had gotten its name from. This brand has come a long way from being just an experiment to being the every day beverage in common household family.

Invention of Gatorade

The Invention of Gatorade was made by James Robert Cade who was an American Physician, University Professors, Research Scientist and Inventor, and his team ofresearch doctors Dana Shires, James Free, and Alejandro M. de Quesada. The invention of Gatorade started back in 1965; James was approached by Dewayne Douglas, an assistant coach for the Florida Gator Foot Ball team, about the extreme dehydration that the Gator football players practicing in high temperature and humidity in the late summer and early fall. Cade was questioned by Douglas, why didn’t hisfootball team urinate during practice and games. Cade learned from evidence that during practice and games that his football players were losing water through sweat and failing the replace fluids. Then Cade’s research team discovered that the players were losing 18 pound which also 8.2 kilogram during the 3 hours of college football game, and the loss of water was from 90-95%.

During1965-1966, Cade and his team of research doctors lead a series of trial and error experiments with his glucose and electrolytes rehydration drinks on Ray Graves’s member of Gator Football team. The first to try this rehydration drink were the member of the freshman squad and after primarily promising result with the starting member of the varsity team. In 1988 Cade said “ it didn’t taste like Gatorade”with the interview of Florida Trend magazine. According to Cade, when one of the Gator football players tried it, he spat it out and strongly suggested that the original experiments formula tasted like bodily water. To make it tastier, Cade’s wife suggested the research team to add lemon juice and cyclamate to the original formula of water, sodium citrate, fructose, and monopotassium phosphate....
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