Gay couples

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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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Since years ago, laws have been changing. Since relatively long time ago, gay couples are demanding their marriage to be legalized, this would mean they would have the same rights and duty’s and theprivilege to be able to form a family, like every couple in the world. That’s why I support the idea that gay marriage must be approved.

First, legalizing gay couples will be very important to thembecause both of them would have the same status, people will treat them the same way, with any kind of rejection, it will be give greater convince when accessing rights.

In the government ofColombia as a result of constitucional court ruluing on 29 january 2009 has approved same sex couplesas fact of unions which were only ablelable to heterosexual couples and has provide all the rise ofmarriage. Also since 2001 various contries like argentina, Canada, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, mexico city, some partes of USA etc, have allowed the legal recognition for gay marriage and give tmetheir civil right.

Second, come big cuantity of people agree that this union must be approved by the law. Because just in heterosexual relationship gay couples can be loyal and devoted parners that canparticipate in family and community life; also this types of unions can discourage gay couples from been promiscuous.

Some people oppost hay marriage based on the assumption that having a familywhith the same sex couple is not right and even more if they adopt a child because it would not give the child the best environment to grow up, nevertheless is not true, they can provide the child withgood examples and later one the child would be able to choose like every parner, who she/he want to love.

For all this reasons and more we as a society have to understand and to be tolerant ofthis kind of relationship were the participants don’t choose who to love or who to ve attracted to. Because homosexuality is more about love and affection that why gay marriage is right and we need to...
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