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See also: Wey (disambiguation) and Wi (disambiguation)
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Theterm Wei may refer to:
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Wey (state) (衛, 1040–209 BC), Wei in pinyin, but spelled Weyto distinguish from the Warring States period
Wei (state) (魏, 403–225 BC), one the seven major states of the Warring States Period
Cao Wei (曹魏, 220–265), during theThree Kingdoms Period
Ran Wei (冉魏, 350–352), short-lived Six Kingdoms state founded by Ran Min
Northern Wei (北魏, 386–535), during Southern and Northern Dynasties
Wei(Dingling) (魏, 388–392), state of Dingling/Gaoche ethnicity in China

Wei River, a main tributary to the Yellow River
Wei County, Handan (魏县), in Hebei,China
Wei County, Xingtai (威县), in Hebei, China

Wei (given name), different variations of Chinese given names
Wei (surname), various Chinese surnames(魏, 衛, 尉, 韋)

Wei (rank), a company-grade officer in Chinese armed forces.
Wei, a star otherwise known as Epsilon Scorpii
"Wei Empire" - a fictionalstate and planetary romance of Yulia Latynina, consisting of 5 novels and 2 short stories
The acronym WEI may also refer to:
Wau Ecology Institute
The Windows ExperienceIndex reported by the Windows System Assessment Tool, a measure of the user-perceived performance of a computer running Microsoft Windows.
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