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Justin bieber : down ti eart...
i never thougth ithat it be easy
cause we both so distanse now
andthe wall are closing in on us
and we're ownderinghow
no one has a solid anwer
but just walking in the dark
and you can see the look on my face
it just tell me apart

so we fight,though the hurtand we cry,and cry,and cry...
then we live,and we lear
and try,and try.and try..

so its up to you
and its up to me
that we meet in our middleway on way back down to earth down to earth,down to earth,down to earth,on way back down to earth,(down to earth,down to earth..)
mommy you”ll always andsomewhere
and daddy I live outta down
so tell me how could I ever be normal somehow
you tell me this is for the best
so tell me why am in tears
sofar away and how I just need you here

so we fight through the hurt
and we cry,and cry,and cry,and cry
then we live and we learn
and try,andtry,and try,and try
so it up to you
and its up to me
that we meet in our middle on our way back down to earth
and down to earth,and down to earth,anddown to earth….
We fell so far away from where we used to be
Now were standing and were do we go
When there´s no road to get to your heart
Lest´sstart over again
to So it up you…
So it up to me
That we met in our middle on our way back down to earth ,down to earth,on our way back down toearth,down to earth
I never thought that it be easy
Cause we both so distance now
And the wall are closing in on us
And we´re wondering how…..
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