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Inglis Project

The delta wing

The delta wing (or hovercraft) is a mechanism built to plan and carry outgliding. Takeoff and landing are made at low speed, making it possible to perform on foot.
Hang gliding is one of the disciplines that are within what is called "free flight", this means not using anytype of engine to fly. One can say that the gliding flight is a cousin of paragliding and gliding. The secret to remain in flight is to find thermals, which are rising currents of warm air, whichallow the gliding keep flying. That comes into play the skill and experience of the pilot to determine which areas may find this, for which uses observing the flight of birds, cloud formations and otherdetails that serve as indicators of the presence of the above stations.

The text

As its name implies, is a V-shaped wing short of which is suspended in a harness which is located the pilot (andpassenger, in the case of tandem flights). This harness hangs right in the middle of a structure of tubes forming a triangle and of which the pilot is held with both hands to maneuver the gliding,tilting the body to both sides to make turns, moving forward and backward to achieve greater or slower accordingly. The pilot usually carry instruments that tell you if you are ascending or descending,as well as radio and GPS.

The first successful flight-control-but not by Abbas Ibn Firnas was in the ninth century, and it was not until 1890 that the German engineer Otto Lilienthal made over 2000flights controlled from an artificial hill. When the Wright brothers invented powered flight, interest in hang gliding and tilting control disappeared. The delta wing was revived again in Europe in1909 when Richard Causes, Spanish painter, sculptor and invented the rigid wing, powered aircraft, two propellers, elevators, rudder, ailerons four front, four-wheel damping, chair for the pilot,...
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