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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

Inspection Technologies

Productivity through inspection solutions

Advanced nondestructive imaging

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies partners with you to meet your nondestructive testing needs. We provide a full suite of nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions, including radiography, computed tomography,remote visual inspection, ultrasound, eddy current, hardness testing and metrology. Combined with our Rhythm® software platform, GE is your ultimate provider of productivity solutions, supplying accurate and reliable inspection data that can be shared seamlessly with your colleagues and customers around the world. Nondestructive testing and inspection technologies are advancing very rapidlythrough the digital revolution, software development and newer imaging capabilities. Often derived from the medical community, both 2D and 3D imaging can solve or trend complex issues in the areas of component life extension, fitness for service, design optimization, quality control or root-cause failure analysis. High-resolution imaging has become practical, cost-effective and can save critical timewhen properly applied to real-world applications. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is a world leader in providing advanced nondestructive imaging using the electromagnetic, gamma- and X-ray, ultrasonic and visible energy spectrum. We have enormous depth and breadth of know-how that can be applied to your needs. Our applications cover a wide range of industries: • aerospace • metals & castings• oil & gas • power generation • transportation Read on to learn more about GE’s solutions in these industries and how we can help meet your most challenging inspection needs.

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Inspection Technologies

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Remote visual image of auger dryer system Phased array weld image 3D poreanalysis in a cast aluminum part Eddy current image of aircraft fuselage 3D pore analysis, metrology and reverse engineering in an aluminum casting 2D X-ray image of steering column X-ray image of engine carburetor Remote visual image of damaged turbine blade Phased array TopView image of flaws in a pipe Remote visual image of wind turbine gearbox Eddy current array image of stress corrosion cracking onpipe NanoCT® image of CSP solder joints

Advanced nondestructive imaging
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for the oil & gas, power, aerospace and transportation industries. Our inspection solutions, including advanced imaging capabilities and powerful software tools, offer high-quality, data-rich images so customers can makefaster and better informed decisions to protect asset health, help ensure safety, quality and boost productivity. High-quality inspection results Used in hundreds of applications across the oil & gas industry, our nondestructive testing products deliver high quality inspection results. Whether you're inspecting boilers, condensers, gas turbines or pipelines, our products can help protect yourassets against corrosion, leakage and extend the life of your plant. Even in the harshest environments, our leading-edge inspection solutions boost productivity and improve safety for our customers, based on our ability to understand your needs and commercialize advanced inspection technologies. Improving efficiency The power industry is continually challenged to improve efficiency, runtime andoutput. We help you meet those challenges by providing solutions for key power generation applications in fossil, nuclear and renewable energy markets. Applications range from Balance of Plant (BOP) components, steam generators, turbine and electrical generators to pipes and vessels and reactor internals. Our reliable, advanced technology-based inspection solutions and support services enable power...
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