Gender differences: can you trust the scientific reports?

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Gender Differences: Can You Trust the Scientific Reports?

If I have to answer the question “Can you trust the scientific reports?” I would say yes, but just if you see these reports in ascientific way. In my opinion, these reports are not necessarily representing the complete reality.
For example, one of the articles of this chapter mentions that some reports are used to give wronginformation to catch the attention of the reader, which would make them not trustable. Nevertheless, if I follow one of the article’s suggestions that say that we should always look for the sources of thestudy to be able to know if the report is telling the truth, then the study would be trustable.
After reading the other article of the chapter that talks about who speak the most, men or women, andfollowing the same suggestion, I would probably say that is true because it has god sources and it shows all the results that conclude that men speak more than women. These results are true, but just forthe US and Mexico. What happens with the men and women from other countries? You should not say that all men speak more than women based on this article. If you want to prove this, you would have tomake a worldwide study.
On the other hand, most of the scientists have reported a lot of differences between men and women based on their genetics, but what they don’t report very often is that notall the differences came from the genetics. Some of them are created by society. They are also product of our experiences, culture and traditions. This is why there are so many controversies about thedifference between genders.
Finally, I would say that beyond all these differences and all the effort to find the answer to the question if we are the same or not, why don’t we use all this energy tofind a way to learn how to work together regardless of the differences between us? It doesn’t matter if we are men or women, or if we are black or white, or if we came from different countries or...
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