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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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This device is based on some free energy ideas that finally seems to have something in common:

- The “split the possitive” idea by Edwin Gray.
o Ituses a battery and a circuit to get high voltage from it. The circuit is comprised of Ls and Cs. Then, he let the stored high voltage energy to return to the low voltage battery again (so almost nowaste of energy), and he uses electrostatic induction caused by the storing and releasing of that energy to power an inductive load.
- The parametric power conversion ideas by Stefan Hartmann.
oChanging the parameters of Ls and Cs in time, the energy changes. The usual method is to keep the Ls and Cs constant, and change the charges in time.
- The electricity generating apparatus by HaroldAspden.
o Using Ls and Cs, it is said the energy oscillates and can power the load, because it is energy of the vacum.

The common elements are Ls and Cs.

Theoretical explanation:

Electric circuitswork by depleting voltage differences. We have a voltage value on one side, and another one on the other side. Then, as the charges move through the load, the voltages become equal, and the transferstops.

Imagine two equal capacitors, charged at the same voltage. No transfer could happen.

If we use a switch and a transformer of 1:1000 ratio (for example), we could charge up one of thecapacitors at a different voltage level from the other capacitor. The transformer and the switch will waste only a little work. So we can get voltage difference without wasting energy, just by changing adynamic V-I ratio, keeping the same energy.

With the switch-transformer circuit, the voltage of one capacitor will decrease, and the voltage of the other will increase. The energy involved willremain the same, but will transfer from one to the other capacitor. Energy will not change on the system, but finally the potential will change.

The transformer is like a “free water pump” because...
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