General linguistics

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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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In the history of humanity it has showed different changes. As we know everythin changes, for example from cooking with fire to cooking with a microwave you can see the change, but one of the mostimportant is language changes. Language changes across the history and time. We have our own perception of the changes of our language and of the new words that we are acquiring in our language,examples are accents and books, influential people, and historical occurrences. Accents shows development of culture over time, maybe over a historical occurrence, such as a new country being found, thepeople living there might adopt the culture of the founders.
Language also changes, from using different sounds in words, which are called phonemes, this one is one of the reasons for linguisticstudy is so important for the humanity. The linguistics is a method which object of study is the human language. It is a question of a theoretical science provided that it formulates explanations designedto justify the phenomenon of the language, this is, the design of theories on some aspects of the language and a general theory of the same one. It is also an empirical science that made detailedobservations about languages, especially to confirm or refute claims of a general nature. In this sense, must accept the language as seen from his remark and explain how it is. Its function is neitherto prevent the deterioration of language, much less seek improvement. Indeed, it is not a science is prescriptive but merely descriptive.

In recent years, both linguistic studies as we have beenable to realize the changes in language, the use of new technologies and computer programs has led to significant changes, an example is the language used in chat conversations in these we can see thatsome words are changed by happy or sad faces to express our mood, so the words are shortened in order to generate a write faster. The new forms of brief writing of the young persons disconcert and...